Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Hobbit

I have wanted to go to New Zealand for the last 15 years, so i was a little miffed when the Lord of the Rings movies sent hoards of fans there in the wake of the movie releases.
It's selfish, but i liked it when i told people i wanted to go to New Zealand,
and most of them just looked at me with a vacant expression
and asked "why?"
I never get the question any more.
I was planning on going again, thinking things had calmed down enough and there was enough distance from the movies releases to give me a look at New Zealand that i wanted to experience.  So, of course, things went in motion to make The Hobbit into a movie.  URG!
But, of course, i did become a fan of the LOTR movies too, so i can't get all that upset.
Anyway, now that that little vent is over, this time around Pete Jackson is releasing a series of video blogs for The Hobbit, tease, and the first was sent in April, he's just trying to out do Ian McKellen who kept blogs while he was making LOTR:-) 
And if you watch the video below, all you BBC Being Human fans will catch glimpses of Aidan Turner (aka Mitchell) fully bearded. 
It's a little funny, he started off with all his hair on his head, now it's all cut off and sits on his face instead, Ha!

Slán go fóill!

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